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Eazy Peazy Downsizing services Edmonton – Sherwood Park and surrounding areas.

Eazy Peazy Downsizing takes a compassionate approach with clients when preparing their house for sale or setting up their new home.   We specialize in empowering homeowners and helping them regain a sense of independence and control.

Decluttering or Sorting

Superior Assistance

Eazy Peazy Downsizing will assist you with reducing your household contents and create a more manageable home. This will make any future move easier. We know that every object in a home has a story; Eazy Peazy Downsizing honours these stories and possessions and motivates clients to reduce unwanted items. We take a sustainable approach, offering clients a chance to reduce waste, donate or transfer to family members, whenever possible.


Decluttering Edmonton

Preparing for the Move

Eazy Peazy Downsizing will help the homeowner coordinate their move. Please ask us about: booking the moving company, boxing up articles, or overseeing mover on move day.

Moving Assistance Alberta
  • booking the moving company
  • boxing up articles
  • overseeing mover on move day

House Cleaning / Yard Tidying

Committed to Quality

A clean and tidy home can win over the sale and attract bids from potential buyers. Eazy Peazy Downsizing will arrange for the: vacuuming and cleaning of interior surfaces, as well as weeding and mowing of the lawn.


Home Cleaning
  • vacuuming and cleaning of interior surfaces
  • weeding and mowing of the lawn.


New home set up

Making it easy

Setting up your new dwelling can be overwhelming. Eazy Peazy Downsizing will manage that dilemma and create a safe, cozy and comfortable place to live. Services may include: developing a floor plan, unpacking, rearranging, redesigning storage space, and assistance with address change.


New Home Set Up
  • developing a floor plan
  • unpacking
  • rearranging
  • redesigning storage space
  • assistance with address change
  • miscellaneous

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